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Fabulous Sourdough Baking Classes at The Norwegian Bakery


Dear All Homemade Real Bread Lovers!!

We’ve had some amazing Sourdough Baking Classes here at the Norwegian Bakery in Bournemouth, Dorset, in the last few weeks. People have been learning about how to feed and look after a sourdough starter, and how to bake amazing flavoursome crusty sourdough bread with it.  Sourdough is a name for a mixture of water and flour containing a culture of naturally occurring yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, (the friendly type). Yeasts and bacteria are present all around us – for example in the air, soil and water. Those well suited to bread production are found in relatively high populations on the surface of cereal grains such as wheat. Maintaining a Sourdough Starter, containing wild yeast, requires adding water, keeping it at appropriate temperatures and providing food in the form of flour. This enables  it to thrive, and the microorganisms will co-exist in a perfect symbiotic relationship, making sure the bread will rise. The interaction of increasing bacteria and the product of their respiration, including lactic and acetic acids, also contribute to the flavour, texture and aroma of the bread. Check out the bubbles in our very active, well-fed and cared for sourdough starter:


Images from our recent Sourdough Baking Classes:

IMG_1349 IMG_1339 IMG_1350


Our next Sourdough Baking Class is on 12 March 2016. Book and join us at: www.thenorwegianbakery.co.uk!! In addition to all the fabulous baking during the class, you’ll be served a lovely lunch with a glass of wine, and have the pleasure of tasting some amazing sourdough treats such as Luscious Norwegian Sourdough Waffles and a Scrumptious Raspberry and White Chocolate Sourdough Loaf. On top of that you can enjoy the spectacular seaside while you’re here:


Learn how to bake, have fun, relax and enjoy life, meet new people, taste amazing food!!



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