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Baking Classes

Baking Classes at Terroir Tapas in Southbourne, 81 Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 3QX


Our evening baking classes take place at Terroir Tapas – an eco-aware global tapas bar in the centre of Southbourne. We do three types of classes on Tuesdays from 7-10 pm with up to ten participants: Sourdough, Norwegian Baking and Flatbreads. At all classes you will be offered delicious homemade food and tasting speciality sourdough breads.

At the Sourdough Baking Class you will experience all the stages of sourdough bread baking from scratch using organic stoneground flour including ancient wheats. You will take home a baked sourdough loaf, a dough in a proofing basket to bake the next day and a helping of our own sourdough starter for you to keep baking amazing sourdough bread. Demonstrations will be done on how to score the bread and bake crusty hearth loaves in Terroir Tapas’s beautiful Gozney wood burning oven. You will also be shown how to bake sourdough in your own oven at home. You will leave with a solid foundation on how to care for your sourdough starter and enthusiasm for continuing baking sourdough bread at home. The price includes a proofing basket and a jar of our sourdough starter.

At the Norwegian Baking Class you will learn how to bake luscious cinnamon buns, including a vegan option, from mixing the dough, kneading and shaping and baking them in a wood burning oven. You will also be making traditional ‘lomper’ wraps with potatoes and sweet potatoes and the famous soft heart-shaped Norwegian waffles. You will take home all your bakes.

At the Flatbread Class you will be making wonderful Norwegian wraps with sweet potatoes, naan breads and a sweet Norwegian flatbread called ‘svele’. You will take home all your bakes.

Baking Classes at The Norwegian Bakery in Southbourne, Watcombe Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 3LU

The one-day Sourdough Baking Classes and the Norwegian Baking Classes are limited to four people and run from 10am-3pm. The Pizza Classes, for up to 8 people, are scheduled from 4pm-6.30pm. The times for the two-day Sourdough Baking Classes are 4pm-9pm on the Saturday and 10am-3pm on the Sunday. The Aga Baking Classes are limited to two people and run from 10am-3pm. The number of people and content at the bespoke classes can be negotiated.  If you are a larger or smaller group and would like to do a bespoke class on a different day from those scheduled, contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

The following applies to the Sourdough One Day Classes, Norwegian and Aga Baking Classes:

On your arrival we will have coffee. We evaluate your baking experiences and we talk about what we’ll accomplish during the day’s baking. At lunchtime you’ll be served a delicious homemade, bread-based lunch with a glass of complimentary wine. Later in the afternoon we’ll be pausing for drinks and homemade cakes or biscuits.

You’ll leave with the breads we bake on the day, all recipes, a dough scraper and a deep, genuine enthusiasm for continuing baking in your own kitchen.

If you have any allergies, please let us know.

Evening Baking Classes at Terroir Tapas in Southbourne

Experience all the stages of Sourdough Bread making using heirloom stone-milled flours. Learn how to make delicious Cinnamon Buns and various wonderful Flatbreads.


Sourdough Baking One Day Classes

We will teach you the amazing Sourdough Bread making process from feeding the starter through to mixing, folding, shaping and baking aromatic crusty  loaves.

Norwegian Baking Classes

At this class we’ll be baking mouthwatering Norwegian cinnamon & cardamom buns and wholesome breads, including a carrot bread and a rye variety made with pre-ferments to make the bakes tastier, easier to digest and longer lasting.

Sourdough Baking Two Day Classes

This is an exciting in-depth Sourdough Class over two days. The time allows for creating various long-fermented Sourdough bakes using a number of techniques.

Aga Baking Classes

At this class you will be learning how to create amazing bakes in an Aga oven, including a sourdough bread, Norwegian cinnamon buns and flatbreads called ‘svele’.

Pizza Making Classes

Make a delicious stonebaked Italian Pizza using locally milled flour, add your favourite toppings and enjoy it al fresco or in our conservatory.