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About Anne-Marit

I have a real love for baking and I want to invite you into my cosy, roomy and well-equipped kitchen and share the experience with you. The kitchen features a quality, high capacity Rofco baking oven and an Aga. At Terroir Tapas, a local eco-aware global tapas bar,  you can take part in my evening baking classes baking in a Gozney wood burning oven. I get genuinely excited watching a dough rise or opening the oven door to pull out crusty, aromatic loaves. I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember. It’s in my DNA. As an eight year old I baked for my mother’s party guests. For over twenty years my own family and friends have benefitted from freshly baked products. I was also running a microbakery from home for a number of years selling bread to the local community. There is nothing more comforting than having a home abundant with the aroma and warmth of homemade bread and cakes.

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About The Norwegian Bakery

At The Norwegian Bakery we believe in baking real, homemade bread and cakes, free from artificial additives. These skills take time and love to develop. It is truly rewarding and fulfilling to create your own bakes and acquire the expertise of fine baking. Once you have a home filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread and enjoy its wholesome flavour, crunch and texture you will never want to return to shop-bought products.

Here at the Norwegian Bakery we love the act of bread baking. We delight in being connected to this very instinctive and fundamental activity and we want to explain the practice to you, giving you remarkable, lasting and life-changing hands-on baking experiences. We will teach you the magical baking process from the time the ingredients are combined until fragrant, finished loaves are drawn from the oven. You’ll be enjoying the freshest possible bread. The joy of taking home your mouth-watering bakes and sharing them with your friends and family – the delicious results of your labours – will be unforgettable and immeasurable.

You will produce the most delicious bread you will ever taste. It will give you satisfaction and can help relieve stress. When developing dough over time the resulting bread will be much healthier and cheaper than shop bought bread.

We also run an AirBnB, (Bed & Breakfast),  so you could STAY and BAKE at the same time. Get in touch and we’ll give you more information about this.